Jobs and skills that enable you to work from anywhere and travel the world
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We bet you would like to be independent and travel around our beautiful globe. Your boss is a pain and you want to work for yourself while travelling, we get you. That’s why we wanted to provide you, with this list of 18 jobs and skills, you need to work while travelling around the world.

  1. Illustrator or designer

Many companies always require the services of creative professionals. Whether that might be design or digital illustration. An important piece of “working equipment” would be an Ipad or a specialized digital drawing tablet, to sketch, create and improve all your creative designs. You can also sell your prints on the internet on different art sites. One of the most successful channels to sell your artwork is Etsy, where thousands of different artist sell their prints and artworks. Make sure you take some additional classes if needed and practice your skills on the everyday level. You can find a lot of useful tutorials to help you, even on youtube.

  1. Copywriting

Copywriting may not be the best-paid job, but if you are fluent in English, German or French, you can make up to 15 $ an hour. That would be enough to finance your daily expenses, travelling to countries with a low cost of living, if you work at least 4-5 hours a day. You might take some days where you work more, so you can take the next day off.  Specializing in CEO will help you charge more. Copywriting has many benefits, one of them is, you always learn new things by writing articles for other people. Not to mention you gain more experience and knowledge in the process and also get paid. Try to keep writing quality material and never give up, even if the start might be a little harder.

3. Translating

If you are already a skilled copywriter, you might be skilled in two or more languages. The translation is another good source of an outcome on your travels. Speaking and writing many different languages is always useful and there is always something to be translated if you only look for it. You might want to try platforms like Speakt, Gengo or whatever you might come across. Try checking youtube, where you might find people that will give you advice on where to look next.

  1. Voice actor or singer

If you are a good singer or you think you can be a good voice-over artist, that is definitely a possibility worth exploring. You might be lending your voice for cartoons, movies, audiobooks and computer games. This option, however, needs an investment, you have to get some professional audio recording equipment, so you can record and edit yourself.

  1. Transcriptionist

As a transcriptionist, you will have to convert recorded speech into written text. This job requires strong spelling and grammar skills and you need to be a fast typer. You will get to transcribe many things: lectures, conference calls, interviews, videos, podcasts and more. This job can be somewhat challenging and may take more time to complete, as you have to listen to some recorded speech several times, depending on the difficulty.

  1. Social media

If you are skilled in using social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, that might be another source of making money online. There are many different ways how to post interesting and appealing content on social media and attract followers. You will have to write about interesting things and accompany it with good quality photos. A lot of successful “Instagramers” are already making money, promoting different products or services on Instagram. If you think you fit into this category, you can give it a try.

  1. Teaching English abroad

Are you good at speaking English? Great! English tutors are sought after, all across the world and the pay can be pretty decent too. You can teach classes from your own computer or offer classes directly to people (face to face). For an online job, you will need Skype and a college degree is usually required. For jobs abroad, you might need TEFL certification which stands for Teaching English as a foreign language. A lot of jobs like this include accommodations too!

  1. E-commerce

In this digital era, it’s very easy to create an online store, to sell products online. You can use Amazon Marketplace or eBay to sell your merchandise. If you don’t want to rely on eBay or Amazon, knowledge about PPC, SEO, web design and affiliate marketing might come in handy. Protip, you can search for valuables in the “thrift shops” and antique shops all around the world, do some research and possibly resell them for much more, online.

  1. Travel consultant

Travel agencies, airlines, rental companies, cruise lines and resorts hire travel agents to assist them with travel booking and leisure trips. Working on a cruiser might be a perfect way to make money and travel!Most travel agencies will have educational “programs” taking their employees, to travel to places, that they require to sell travelling arrangements for. Good communication skills are a must.   10. Working on a cruiser or as a steward or a stewardess

Working on a cruiser (as a cook, waiter, animator, dance instructor…) will allow you to travel around the world while making money. Another great example of that would be becoming a plane steward or a stewardess.

  1. Yacht sailing jobs

You might not even know, this is a real job!

You might just be able to sail the world on a fancy yacht. It’s a fun way to see exotic places. The accommodation and food are usually covered. Does not require prior yachting experience because being a yacht steward(ess) are entry positions and are paid very well. All you need to complete is a short course.

  1. Bartender

Nightclubs, bars and restaurants are spread all around the world.

You should be good at English and know some basics of the local language, so you might have to invest some time in language classes.    Look for places with a lot of tourists, so you never run out of work. The more experienced you get, the more opportunities you will get. Don’t forget the tips! If you are good at what you do, your tips might be a very nice bonus.

  1. Local tour guide

You could work as a local tour guide or an assistant for a travel agency. Showing people the beautiful sights in the city, pointing them at coolest restaurants and bars in town. Experience and additional knowledge about the places you tour guide will make you better and more competitive.

14. Freelance travel photographer

Becoming a professional photographer might be a lot of work at first. But once you get a hold of it, might be profitable. You will need a good camera and other photography equipment to be competitive in the big market of photographers. Promoting yourself on social media and improving your skills, might help you to get moving faster. After you are more established you can sell photos to magazines, travel blogs, travel agencies, stock sites and more.

15. List your place on Airbnb Airbnb

let’s you stay in other’s people’s homes instead of hotels. You can rent your place while you travel, making some decent money. The key of this page is the automated process, so you don’t have to be there when people come, you just have to get everything ready (ask a family member or a friend to help). That can give you more freedom to see the world!

16. Playing professional poker

If you are very good at poker, this would be a job for you. If you are not a pro, you should reconsider, as you might lose money and time. But if you are very skilled and good at poker, this just might do it, as another source of income.

17. Freelance travel marketing

This is not something you will learn in a few days. It’s best if you have a degree in marketing or a similar profession. If you have some marketing background, there is no reason for you, not to try it. Additional knowledge, skills and experience will make your job easier. We hope we gave you some good ideas and we wish you beautiful and inspiring travels around our blue globe. Keep working hard and keep your chin up! Sooner or later you will find something that you are really good at.